Why choose Yellow Pages Extractor Bangladesh?

Yellow Pages Extractor Bangladesh allows you to greatly expand your marketing outreach that will make your business reach new heights. If you are trying to exploit the new business opportunities or if you have a huge company, such as a call-center or a marketing agency, in that case Yellow Pages Extractor will add to immense value to your company by providing you lot of new contacts with only a few clicks.


How does it work?

The Yellow Pages Extractor scrapes the Yellow Pages for useful information on companies such as name, address, telephone number, fax, email address and website url. If the email address is not available in the Yellow Pages, the scraper will search for an email address on the website of the company, to make sure all public information is properly gathered. The interface of the scraper is not only easy to use, but will enable you to export the scraped data in a CSV file with the touch of a button. It is perfect for both the technical and non-technical people alike!


How it is better compared to other scrapers?

When it comes to comparing Yellow Pages Extractor with its competitors, it is much more superior to other scrapers. It extracts 40% more contacts than that of other extractors available in the market. Use of its interface is simple, easy to use and provides accurate data. If your download is interrupted due to any reason, in such a case, you can resume the download from the same point where it was interrupted whenever the connection is re-established. You can search for the information according to your requirement by changing the region, city/town, type of business etc. Here you can easily export the gathered information into Excel (.xsl) or CSV (.txt) format. It is a top class data extractor.

# Matt M.CFO

"I was really impressed with IQUALIF software. Our old software was slow, less efficient and overall boring. As soon as we switched to Yellow Pages Extractor, we started to generate more leads."

# Bianca H.Manager

"I'm not a techie, but I would like to mention that buying this program is the best decision I have made for my business. It's very easy to use, even for someone who simply can't use Windows.”

# Rob B.DevOps

"Thanks for the really nice product. I've tried using a few similar programs for our company before, but none were as strong as YPE. There is no corner of Bangladesh that this piece cannot reach. Again, Thank you"

Yellow Pages Extractor
Our Competitors
Ease of Usage
Very Easy to Use
Complex and Slow
Works in Windows, Mac, Linux
Most of them work only on a Single Operating System
Volume data set
40% more compared to others
Lower quantity of quality data
Quality of the Extracted Data
No fabricated information
Data is often manually fabricated
Export Data
Easy Data Export procedure
Slow and clumsy exporting procedures
Anti-Black Listing
No Anti-Blacklisting
Trial version
No trial version
Excessively expensive
Internet Connection Problem
The download will be restored from where it was interrupted after connection is reestablished
The download generally starts again from the beginning
Software Crash
Keep working as if nothing happened (highly efficient software)
Data is often lost
Power Interruption
Productivity continues as data is not lost in case power interruption happens
No power failure safety measures
Super responsive online community
Small fragmented community, slow support
Boost your outreach today! Buy Yellow Pages Extractor
To buy Yellow Pages Extractor, click on the Buy Button. After reaching the page at Iqualif.com, click on # button. After that click on # button. Fill in the payments procedure and Voila here, you are done! You can use Credit/Debit card, PayPal or Bit Coin for payment.
System requirements

Pentium Core 2 Duo or higher (300 MHz+)

256 MB RAM

100 MB disk space

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 32 or 64-bit

Windows Server 2003 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2016

Apple Mac OS X (10.5 or later)

Java 6 or later required (included in the installer)


Frequently Asked Questions

Download the scraper from here. After downloading, double-click the file and follow the installation instructions.

Yellow Pages Extractor is very easy to use. Just follow the 3 steps below:

1. Select the region you want the information from.

2. Select the cities you want information from.

3. Select the type of business you are interested in.

Hit search, and you're done! Sit back and watch how the extractor works its magic.
Click the Results button on the upper left side of the YPE window and select the format you want to export.
Payment is 100% safe. You can make your payments with Debit / Credit Card, PayPal or Bit coin. We take your personal information very seriously and we do not sell your information to any third party marketing companies.
Bangladesh is a huge country with many remote villages / small towns with no registered business. Include bigger cities in your search.
Drop us an email at contact@yellowpagesextractor.com.bd. We respond to all emails in less than 24 hours.
Left-click on several items to include them in the query. Clicking an item toggles its presence in search.
Go to Panel Controls -> Add or Remove Programs -> ct IQUALIF Bangladesh Yellow -> Uninstall.

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